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02 September 2010 @ 09:50 pm
I'm only seventeen.  
Well, I didn't post yesterday. So, I'll go into yesterday and today now. :)

Yes, I already have a countdown going until I turn eighteen. Also? I set a reminder on my phone about Jersey Shore, I'm pathetic. :( Anyways, moving on now.

Yesterday: I "babysat" Mel and Johnathan's bunny. He peed on my bed and foot once Mel got back to get him. So, no more rabbit sitting. Then I went to Thunder Valley with Harley. It was fun. That's about it.

Today: Got some more cleaning done, I think I've cleaned everything in here. :) And Conner texted me asking if I had plans for the weekend. Didn't know before, but now I do...staying with her. Then I talked to Sebastian! :D I hadn't talked to time in quite a while. Got online after going to Wal-Mart and there was a message from my ex on my myspace. What it said: "well im sure this will mean nothing to you, but jamie i owe you an apology for the way i treated you when we dated. i am sorry for hurting you back then and i am sorry for having cheated on you. you did nothing to deserve that you were nothing but a great girlfriend to me and i took it for granted. and i am honestly and truely sorry." -->He's right about owing me an apology. And I guess better eight months late then never. (Yeah, he cheated on me, dumped me, and was all over the girl in front of me eight months ago. And refused to talk to me.)

So yeah, that's been my past couple of days. I might post something else later.

Lots of love.<3
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