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30 August 2010 @ 05:46 pm
Hi, I'm Jamie.  
I didn't post yesterday because I wasn't home and when I was I needed sleep. So, here's my Saturday night/Sunday. :)

Well, I went to meet up with Matt and Conner after she picked him up from work and she followed me back to the house. Then we went and hung out with everybody in the Kmart parking lot. Yeah, we're THAT cool. All the guys were talking to us and stuff, but the girls wouldn't have anything to do with us. Haha. Deavin showed up shortly after my ex, Jake, did. We left not too much longer after that and went to Deavin's house. We crashed around three thirty, got woke up at six by Spongebob Squarepants, and finally woke up around seven thirty. Much too early. :( We took Matt to work at ten and Deavin to get his Jeep from Kmart. Then Deavin's mom said we could join them for breakfast, french toast and eggs. Yummy. His family is awesome. His mom told us that we were welcome over anytime. :) She didn't comment on the fact that I was in her son's shirt either, which I still have. Then Conner and I went to get her brother and to Green Hill cause Deavin had to do yard work. Her brother looked at me when we took him back to the house and was like "Are you sure you're not Conner's long lost twin?" We laughed. It could be possible, Conner and I are alike in many ways. We picked up Matt from work. (His truck doesn't have tags right now.) Then when we went to get him from helping his dad and to go back to Deavin's we were informed Deavin had to go to a cook out, which he didn't tell us about before hand. So, we went back to Green Hill and then to meet Conner's dad. Finally it was time to go home. All in all, pretty good night/day. :)

School starts in eight days. Gah, where did the summer go? I'm probably hanging out with Conner, Matt, and Deavin again this weekend. :)

Picture Time:
Me and Conner.

Us acting silly at Green Hill.

I figured y'all would want to know what Conner looks like, lol. Well, I'm gonna go.

Lots of love. <3
Tabbywhy_me_why_not on August 31st, 2010 03:06 am (UTC)
Hi Jamie! *g*

Kmart parking lot, really? *sigh* What am I gonna do with you, girl?
Jamiemarauder_lover on August 31st, 2010 06:02 am (UTC)
Lol. Well, that's what the "cool" kids do on the weekends. :P